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From The Desk Of Rick Ginn
Stuart, Florida
"My name is Rick Ginn, I'm a Full Time Real Estate Investor that has personally Flipped 1000+ over the last 15+ years in a highly competitive market in South Florida. I want to share with you the best technique I use TODAY to find great deals!!"
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“Rick's Probate System made me over Six Figures in just probate deals this year!”

~ Chris Gould  PPS Student

“You’ve done a very great job for me I appreciate it and I believe you’re honest and truthful in your dealings”

~ John Kolter 

“Once Again rick I thank You so much for putting that system together and everybody out there an investor world hey once again my name's rob brown I'm in Orlando I am an agent I am a wholesaler, Whatever the case is once again rick thank you so much, sir and to all out there I wish you much success in your real estate investing efforts peace ”

~ Robert Brown  PPS Student

"Oh! It was great, I enjoyed being with both of them and they both were very very nice and willing to work with me"

~ Dolly Box
*This is a Special Introductory Offer, limited time only
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PPS 2.0 
Priority Probate System
  • How To Warm Call Probates
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*This is a Special Introductory Offer, limited time only
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